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FREE for the over 70's There will never be a better time Cavity wall & loft insulation can prevent up to 60% of heat loss from your property
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Upwards of 9 million homes in Britain have now had cavity wall insulation installed and itís easy to see why - itís the smart way to save money.

The Government regards cavity wall insulation as one of the most effective energy saving measures that you can carry out to your home and as well as saving you money it helps reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas causing climate change.

This is because up to 35% of the heat loss from your property is through the walls.

Heat loss from house via roof and walls
So by insulating your home you: Lose less heat, Use less fuel, Save money and help the environment

And what's more
Grants are availablefor allhome owners.

This is because the Governments Energy Efficiency Commitment and the subsequent Carbon Energy Reduction Target (CERT) scheme mean that grant funding is available to ALL homeowners and occupiers.
Many homes qualify for a full grant and YOU PAY NOTHING
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This funding, which is not means tested may not always be available, meaning there will never be a better time to contact us.